Environment and territory

Environmental protection and the conscientious use of energy resources is one of the cornerstones of Fonderie Palmieri Spa. A foundry is a very energy-intensive and resource-consuming activity, and therefore an in-house environmental office has been created for the continuous and careful monitoring of all industrial activities. All types of environmental activities such as emissions, dust generation, water consumption, steam generation and acoustic nuisance are constantly and carefully monitored to ensure that they are absolutely certain to fall below the permitted limits.

Since 2012, the company has been certified for environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015. This certification is designed to ensure the improvement and control of environmental impacts.
Environmental protection is also an opportunity for industrial development. Active management aimed at improving environmental impact, reducing pollutants and improving processes also strengthens the competitiveness of industrial activity and safeguards the future of our environment.


Fonderie Palmieri S.p.A. (CODE ATECO 24.51) is a foundry that produces cast iron castings with a production capacity of more than 20 tons/day. Fonderie Palmieri S.p.A. is therefore part of the IPPC activity no. 2.4 of Annex VIII, Part Two, Title III-bis of Legislative Decree no. 152/06 and subsequent amendments and integrations. 

Every year, by 30 April, our company is obliged to send the annual report to the Tuscany Region (DG Environmental Policies, Energy and Climate Change Waste Sector and Reclamation of Polluted Sites – Integrated Environmental Authorisation).

Article 29-decies, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments and integrations provides that the company’s operator must transmit the data relating to emission controls, the summary of the self-monitoring plus a summary of data relating to the management of the plants, required by the integrated environmental authorization according to the procedures and frequencies established in the authorization itself.



Tutti gli impianti sono dotati di sonde per il monitoraggio in continuo delle polveri.

Environmental Performance

Ratio between waste and liquid iron production


Special waste management has always been a strength for our company. For years we have stipulate commercial agreements with the main players of waste management chain. More than 95% of our waste is destined for recycling.

Every year, following the current legislation, our waste is subject of scrupulous analysis by specialize laboratories. The relationship between produced waste and produced cast iron is very stable thanks to a consolidated and reliable production cycle.

Over the years, the increasingly careful selection of produced waste has increased the number of produced CER, whose since January 2018 are also managed through a special software.

Ratio between total electric energy consumption and liquid iron production


The relationship between consumed energy and produced cast iron suffers strongly from the production continuity and the correct programming mix.

Over the period October 2019-September 2020, as a result of a strong market contraction and the subsequent COVID 19 pandemic, the company has choose to guarantee the customer service by putting programming needs and production continuity in the background. This choice has heavily affected the indicator as it is visible from the chart.

On the other hand, the fourth quarter of 2020 was marked by a significant reversal of the orders trend with the consequent restoration of the normal programming procedures, that in part made possible to contain the data drift.

Ratio between gas and cast iron produced


Special cast irons are one of the strengths of Fonderie Palmieri. The special cast iron sector covers about 30 % of the volume produced. All these cast irons are subject to heat treatment.

In recent years our company has equipped itself with three heat treatment ovens, that allow total autonomy in the management of this process. The ovens are equipped with sophisticated systems for controlling gas consumption and oven temperatures. Every heat treatment cycle is verified by experienced and qualified technicians and the graphs are stored in  a special software.

The sector is constantly growing and has led to a steady increase in gas consumption.

Ratio between water and cast iron produced


Fonderie Palmieri draws water for the production process from a well of which it has a regular extraction authorization. The constant increase in water consumption is due to the continuous production increase.

In 2015 the company has installed a plant for the recovery and treatment of foundry sand (first in Italy) that requires important volumes of water to keep constant the sand temperature. Well water is also used for the toilets (bathrooms and showers), the cooling of melting furnaces and the cooling of compressors. The water temperature, coming out from the compressors, is around 35/45 °C ,it is accumulated in a tank and used for the service of person hygiene. A boiler modulates the exit temperature from the tank. The water surplus is reinjected into the cooling circuit, returning to the first underground collection tanks.

Since January 2018, some water spraying systems have been installed for the dust containement and the odorous emissions, whose have contributed heavily to the water consumption increase. The company is considering alternative systems in order to contain water consumptions.