Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing

Fonderie Palmieri is able to provide finished products through machining operations. The service takes place thanks to a collaboration with Italian machining workshops, strategically located on all the main motorway networks.

Castings are processed within the most stringent technical parameters and high quality standards are granted. Our providers are certified according to the UNI EN 9001-2015 standards and our Quality Control Dept performs periodic audits.

Specific agreements are also signed with the partners, governing confidentiality obligations regarding the information, data, drawings they acknowledge during the collaboration.
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The sizes of the machineries are such as to enable the machining of all the products manufactured by our forming plant.

We are able to perform the following types of machining:

Turning by means of vertical and horizontal lathes supplied with 3, 4 axis with tool change, milling/drilling axis.

Milling and boring by means of CNC machines provided with traveling column, boring mills, palletised machining centres. The machineries are controlled on 4-5 axis, with automatic change of heads and tools and also equipped with moving and rotary tables.

Furthermore, we are able to perform the installation of components by means of partial or full assembly and leakage tests with automatic handling of test parameters.

Our partners have ten years’ experience in collaborating with prestigious European customers within different market sectors and enable us to handle complex orders for any kind of automation and hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical plant building, etc.

Tests are carried out by means of highly advance measuring equipment, appropriate for the purpose of ensuring the delivery of a controlled and consistent with the law.

So all of this translates into a strong reduction of costs for the customer measurable with hardly any waste and a recovery of management time required in handling the non-compliance.