Fonderie Palmieri Spa is located in the municipality of Calenzano (Florence) near the highway junction and covers an area of about 22.000 square metres. The company, which has always devoted great attention to new technologies, updated itself up to become an important and well-established reality in the Italian and international industrial landscape, by making use of the best plant system innovation that are made available on the market and training its workforce to sustain every different production, economic, environmental requirements.

Fonderie Palmieri is ready to tackle the challenges offered by the market with the awareness of having a modern and competitive structure based on 5 key points:

Azienda stabilimento flessibilità


Organization, dynamism and optimization of supplied services, in order to be prepared for the ongoing changes in the marketplace, guaranteeing, in addition to the simple supply, an efficient consultancy service that enables the customers to orient themselves among several problems.

Azienda stabilimento puntualità


Being able to carry out all stages of the process entirely inside its plant is a strategic strength asset to reduce waiting times for customers.

Azienda stabilimento qualità


Reach the stated objectives to meet the customers’ requirements with high productive standards.

Azienda stabilimento sicurezza


The protection of the worker is fundamental in any activity. Investments on health and safety are an opportunity the company took advantage of, in order to make workplaces safer and more productive.

Azienda stabilimento ecosostenibilità

Environmental sustainability

Great attention to the environment thanks to a full compliance with current laws, and an utmost attention to energetic sources and a sound management of the whole waste management cycle.


Thousands, millions of people work, produce and save money despite everything we can come up with to harass, jam them up, discourage them. It is the natural vocation that pushes them; not only the thirst for money. The joy, the proud to see their own company prosper, winning acceptance, inspiring confidence in an increasingly wide range of clients, expanding plants, embellish the premises constitute a driving force for progress as powerful as profit.
If this were not the case, it would be hard to explain why there are entrepreneurs that focus all their energy and invest their capital on their companies to make profits often far more modest than those that could certainly and comfortably be made with other occupations.


Luigi Einaudi

Entering our company, visitors will notice a picture with this famous quotation of former President of the Italian Republic Luigi Einaudi (May 1948 – May 1955).

Azienda stabilimento reparto formatura anni 70

It is in this spirit that Fonderie Palmieri Spa was born in 1968 from the transformation of an individual enterprise called “Lorenzo Palmieri”. Since then, for the next 30 years, the company’s fortunes are inextricably entwined with the life and genius of its founder.

Lorenzo started with the production of iron castings for diesel engines for his own family business, and then established himself as a supplier of castings for agricultural machinery and refrigeration compressors, the latter still a driving product for the company.


Azienda stabilimento anni 80

The current management group inherited the culture of entrepreneurship of the founder and his key principles, constantly trying to re-read them with technological tools that shall be made available, continuously improving production standards.

Since May 2016, Fonderie Palmieri Spa is subject to Frascold Spa management and coordination: the latter is a company that’s leading the development and production of compressors for the refrigeration technology.

Azienda stabilimento Frascold