3D design

Fonderie Palmieri has got a 10 years’ old experience in three-dimensional design. The industrialization process of a casting has been revolutionized with the advent of CAD three-dimensional programs that has also made it possible interactions among various disciplines.

In order to optimize the casting process, a close cooperation between customers and foundry is fundamental. Fonderie Palmieri has always been looking for it, from the study of the project where technical specifications are analysed on the basis of the end-use of the product.

Standard services 3D design

The support of 3D technologies facilitates the exchange of information during the design stage.
The same mathematics will be used to carry out various simulations guaranteeing the greatest reliability in the analysis of the difficulties related to the casting.
3D technology facilitates the core pulls, the creation of the plates to generate the model and an esteem of the shrinkage. After the design, three-dimensional drawings are directly used by the means of CAD/CAM for the construction of equipment.
Lately, the original drawings can be used as input data for the dimensional control of the product. A point cloud of the sample is generated using an optical scan device: this will be compared to the original drawing data and possible differences would be showed as 3D deviations.


The use of the most recent simulation technology allows to analyse the whole foundry process in detail. Form-filling, solidification, shrinkage and cooling can be predicted along with the pattern design process. In Fonderie Palmieri every new casting and every pattern is examined by various simulation test to eliminate any possible defect. In this way we can decrease the time needed to finalise the design and deliver samples to our customers in short times and in the best quality. Moreover, simulations’ results generate the input values for the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and for the definition of the control plan of each casting.