Not only castings but solutions
not only a supplier but a valid and trustworthy partner
  • Assistance to the customer in construction
  • Processing and re-elaboration of 3D drawings
  • Consulting for the right choice of material for your product
  • Production process of certified quality
  • Material certifications and quality approval
  • Finished component delivery including mechanical processing and final inspections

This is Fonderie Palmieri: many services to support the customer

Fonderie Palmieri spa is equipped with the most advanced casting technologies, facilities for the production of cores in their most complex and elaborate forms, and automatic high-performance deburring machines. They also have a fully furnished laboratory with sophisticated instruments for nondestructive inspection and quality control.

Environment and territory

The attention of the industrial system towards the protection of the environment is an opportunity for development. An active management is aimed at improving environmental performances, containment of pollutants, process optimization: as a result, industrial competitiveness is strengthened looking at the future of our planet.

Schools program

The foundry it’s been for years synonym of a mysterious and inscrutable place in the collective imagination. Today our productive process entails the most advanced technology where the machineries have substituted men in the most dangerous tasks and where high qualified personnel takes care of programming, handling and keeping the tools working efficiently, maintaining high security standards. This is the reason why Fonderie Palmieri decided to open its doors to the High schools and to university students, offering the possibility to schedule guided visits within the company. A way to discover manufacturing operations, let students get closer to the world of work and see a primary industrial reality of the territory.

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