Production capacities

Fonderie Palmieri in numbers

Liquid iron production throughout the years 2019 - 2023
10580 t
10760 t
14360 t
14680 t
11230 t

Quality of the production processes

Ongoing research, synergies with the principal partners of the sector, a thorough analysis of the processes and the use of the best technologies available on the market allow Fonderie Palmieri to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of quality and lead time.

Fonderie Palmieri has faced and won important challenges in the last years adding new manufacturing technologies in its process.

Watch the foundry processes

The production has been characterized by a very versatile forming plant adaptive to both the small and large series production.

Dimensions of the flask

900 x 750 x 350+350

Casting weights

from 1 to 300 kg