Technological improvements and compliance with codes of conduct are the cornerstones of energy saving. For many years, Fonderie Palmieri has been making significant investments in new production facilities. The centre of every investment is a careful analysis of the energy impact. Only energy-efficient product processes can enable a company to have a future.

For this reason, only motors with inverters and energy recovery drives are installed in new installations or modernizations of existing plants. The internal lighting will be completely converted to LED technology. The particularly energy-intensive processes such as melting and subsequent heat treatment are carefully checked for potential energy recovery possibilities.
An attentive look at the environment and sustainability, high quality products and services: these are the foundations on which we have built our present and which are solid pillars of our future.

In March 2022, the long and demanding path that led Fonderie Palmieri Spa to obtain the prestigious goal of ISO 50001/2018 CERTIFICATION ended.

The process began in 2018 with a first important screning activity which led to the identification of significant energy sources and their subsequent continuous monitoring.

Numerous sensors have been installed to monitor energy, gas and compressed air consumption.

After an initial phase of data collection, the activities of analysis and planning of the objectives for improvement have begun and we have set important goals.

A specific TEAM of technicians directly involved in the management of the Energy Management System has been created, called to define the correct operating practices to be imparted to the Department Managers, maintenance and all personnel for the correct implementation of the activities that have an impact. on the energy performance of the organization.

The ISO 50001/2018 certification is added to the other certifications present in the company and completes the range of certifications for energy saving and efficiency, for safe and modern work environments.

ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 standard specifies the requirements for creating, starting, maintaining and improving an energy management system with a continuous improvement of its energy performance including efficiency, consumption and use of energy.
Fonderie Palmieri is among the very few foundries to have achieved this goal.