Production units

Raw Materials

In order to guarantee constant quality in the final products, only rigorously selected and controlled raw materials will be used in Fonderie Palmieri. Deliveries will be accepted only if in compliance with current laws and specific technical requirements.  Certificates provided with the material, joint with radiometric surveys, chemical analysis and the comparison to the internal prescriptions are registered on right management programs. The raw materials are then stored in demarcated, covered, designated areas.


The flexibility of our production is granted by two medium frequency induction furnaces Otto Junker GmbH with high power density. These furnaces offer an excellent energetic efficiency and an output of 5 tons every 48 minutes. The medium frequency technology allows to start each batch from a solid charge. So, it’s possible to melt different kinds of cast-iron every 5-ton batch. The sophisticated management system constantly surveys the technical melting parameters and the quality from material charging to the final chemical analysis of the melt.

In January 2017 Fonderie Palmieri has installed the automatic pouring ladle INDUGA PUMA PRO 1500. It is a world innovation, the first machinery of this generation.

The control of the pouring process of the material works both with a mass flow verified by a weighing system and by controlling the cast-iron level in the sprue thanks to the evaluation of the images provided by two cameras.

The temperature is measured and registered continuously during the whole pouring process. This installation represents a fundamental step for a continuous improvement in terms of quality control, safety and sustainability.

Moulding plant

Fonderie Palmieri has a modern Automatic moulding plant Savelli with the patented technology Form impress. The plant is characterized by Reliability and dimensional accuracy of castings, repeatability of the series (see characteristics - link).

The large amount of flasks allows to control the melting process without interfering with the production rate and cooling times in flasks are managed by a sophisticated management system.

Core department

Core department, recently renewed, uses COLD BOX technology. In the department there are 8 machines able to produce cores from 5 to 60 litres.

After the production phase, cores enter paint system then they are dried in a ventilated furnace. The department can count on numerous coating basins, and various core assembly stations.

All the coatings are water-based, in full compliance with environmental and safety laws on workplaces. All the phases of the process subject to rigorous controls registered on specific management programs.


In the shotblasting department there are a Clansmann manipulator robot and two sandblaster cabinets. After the cooling phase, risers are removed from the castings by a worker who uses a manipulator fitted with pliers and a cannon.

The majority of the castings are channelled through the sandblaster cabinet DISA CT3 on specific conveyor belts, while the castings that need special cycles undergo a shot-blasting through a sandblaster cabinet BANFI

Sandblaster DISA CT3

The machine aimed at remove the sand and clean the castings. Through a series of specific programs, the machine is able to sandblast in an excellent way a great amount of different products.

Monorail hanger-type Shot blasting Banfi with overhead conveyor

During the sandblasting, castings are hung on appropriate hooks. Particularly suitable to process fragile parts which cannot be tumbled or castings that are particularly complex or heavy. In the sandblasting cabinet, the rotating and oscillating movement of the hooks shall ensure that the tiles, accelerated by multiple turbines, reach every single component, to obtain a shotblasting as seamless as possible.
A chamber with a manual handling launch allows to sandblast internal parts guaranteeing a perfect sand removal.

Fettling and Deburring

In order to satisfy the major requests of the clients , the company completely renewed the Fettling and Deburring department in 2017. Within the department 4 automatic fettling cabinets have been installed in order to process castings up to 30 kg with high standards of quality and efficiency.

An Automatic fettling plant Maus 1200 is used for castings of larger size or more weight. There are also 3 cabinets for manual fettling with high frequency grinders for items from 10 Kg to 300 Kg and some finishing tables.

Heat Treatments

In 2016, Fonderie Palmieri successfully upgraded the plant, renewing the two furnaces, furthermore in august 2017 an additional new furnace has been added.

The company, therefore, is provided with 3 furnaces for the Heat Treatments of special kinds of cast-iron with the capacities of 3, 6 and 12 m cubic metres.

The thermal curves of all treatments are continuously controlled by a specific management system.

Available heat treatments:


Subcritical annealing

Complete annealing

Destabilization and hardening of high chromium irons

Air quenching




Fonderie Palmieri collaborates with external suppliers highly qualified to realize patterns and foundry cores. Technical specification is drawn up to provide information to build equipment, included casting systems and categories of materials. Each phase is followed by our technicians to monitor the progress of the project and to support the suppliers. The company also provides an internal pattern shop, dedicated to the maintenance, improvement and management of the tooling, able to make changes, improvements and repairs.


The internal pattern shop is dedicated to the maintenance and continuous improvements of the tooling, solving any kind of problem.

Administration and Logistics

Fonderie Palmieri, in addition, runs more than two thousand toolings through appropriate shelving. All equipment is identified and located in an unequivocal place, so that the traceability can be immediate and guaranteed over time.

Shipping department

Finished products are stocked in a covered area of 500 square metres. After the fettling and the final quality control the parts are weighed, packed, registered and stored waiting for the shipment to the customer.

The company is able to satisfy all the needs of the customers, by carrying out custom packaging. Fonderie Palmieri avail itself of reliable and qualified partners for the delivery of its goods all over the world.