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Servizi plus free pass fusione pronta per il montaggio

From the idea to the casting ready for the assembling

Fonderie Palmieri can provide a continuous service in engineering, developing of the product and on-time delivery.

The “Free Pass” service guarantees high standards of quality with hardly any waste and enables the customers to avoid more time-consuming and costs for quality check.

In the last few years, the company, future-oriented in a steady grow, has implemented all the manufacturing process, knowing that providing a completed casting ready to use and to mounting is an important benefit for the customer.

That’s the reason why Fonderie Palmieri signed important collaborations contracts with companies of mechanical engineering able to satisfy the needs of the customers.

They are provided with a management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and work with modern and efficient machineries in production and measurements.

Plus services free pass service the casting ready for the assembling

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    Rapid prototyping

    Fonderie Palmieri provides rapid prototyping, which allows to produce objects directly from the mathematical model of the object itself generated on a CAD 3-D system.

    High precision makes it possible to get various different parts to assemble, suitable to immediately verify aesthetic, functional and dimensional properties, allowing to evaluate and programm with extreme precision series production.

    The advantages of this process are:

    Lower costs and times to create the model;

    Functioning, tolerances tests;

    opportunity to assess functionality of the product and to implement any amendments that are necessary.


    The company proposes a coating service on the basis of specific requests: it offers the best compromise between lead-time and product quality, besides the possibility to take advantage of Cutting-edge techniques.

    The most common types of paintings are:

    Dip coating

    Single-component or multicomponent epoxy spray paint

    Powder coating

    Electrostatic Coating