Over 50 years of cast iron production

Perfect castings
from design to assembly


Production of high quality iron castings

Fonderie Palmieri Spa has worked for over 50 years in the Italian and European market of cast iron. Thanks to continuous investments in Research and Development, Fonderie Palmieri SpA is now able to realise metal castings according to the needs of the most demanding customers, in a broad range of material: gray iron, ductile iron, compacted graphite iron (CGI), silicon molybdenum alloyed ductile iron (SiMo), Silicon cast iron, austempered ductile iron (Adi), Austenitic gray and ductile iron (Ni-resist) and abrasion resistant high chromium and chromium nickel alloyed white cast irons and steels.

Cast and forged parts fair

Castforge 2024

Finally CASTFORGE 2024!
Fonderie Palmieri SpA will be present again this year at the CastForge fair from 4 to 6 June 2024 in Stuttgart (Germany).
We are waiting for you in Pavilion 3 at Stand 3C40.


Fonderie Palmieri produces castings, according to customer needs, in a vast range of cast iron types and for various product sectors: pumps for all fluids, engines, naval industry, compressors, railways, robots, etc.

The production process

Fonderie Palmieri Spa is equipped with the most advanced technologies to produce iron castings, using complex core constructions, and relying on highly automized deburring and shotblasting machines.

environmental ethics

The industrial system’s attention towards environmental protection is an opportunity for development, with active management aimed at improving environmental performance and containing pollutants.

Mechanical processing

Fonderie Palmieri is able to supply ready-to-assemble products through machining. The service is provided in collaboration with carefully selected Italian suppliers for mechanical processing.


Fonderie Palmieri has decided to open its doors to high schools and universities by offering the possibility of guided tours within the company.

quality & analysis

At Fonderie Palmieri we guarantee careful control over all production at all times. A cutting-edge analysis laboratory allows us to carry out internally all the destructive and non-destructive tests that are requested.

“A modern, efficient and competitive factory.”

Our certifications

Fonderie Palmieri has always been attentive to the customer, to the quality of production, to the well-being of workers and to the environment. You can consult and download our certifications such as Energy Management, Environmental Management, Health and Safety at Work, etc.